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At Specialised Paediatric Equipment we understand how important it is that all children are given the opportunity to explore, learn and play, no matter of their ability.

We work with a child, family and referring therapist to understand the goals and needs of the individual. This means the equipment we provide gives as much opportunity for them to achieve their goals and continue to grow without limitation.

We understand the world of assistive technology can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. We are always happy to help on the phone, by email, or in person to make things a bit clearer. We have outlined below our typical process, so that you know what to expect when using us for equipment.


Appropriate equipment is essential for a child with limited mobility and function and can make life easier and safer for them and their caregivers.

While new equipment can be expensive, there are a number of organisations and government initiatives that provide financial support.  These schemes support participants within their community by funding or subsidising appropriate equipment.



Contact our friendly...

Contact our friendly and experienced team with any enquiries you might have. We will gather all relevant information about the needs and requirements of the user from therapists and caregivers. This allows us to shortlist the best options to bring for trial.

While we have a nice showroom...

While we have a nice showroom, we know that travelling is not always easy. That’s why we are a mobile service which means we will often come to you with equipment options you can trial in your own home.

A typical appointment...

A typical appointment will involve trialling several options and discussing the benefits of each one. We will work with all parties involved to configure a piece of equipment that works for the user and caregivers, this is usually referred to as the ‘script’. We take measurements of the user and their environment to ensure everything is made to fit the individual.

We provide a quote...

We provide a quote for the equipment agreed upon at trial. This will usually be shared with the therapist and other parties involved if requested. The therapist will submit the quote to alongside their report justifying why this equipment is needed.

Once your equipment...

Once your equipment arrives to our workshop, we set it up, and we will deliver it to you. We will show you how to use the equipment and tell you all you need to know to safely and confidently use it.

Sometimes a follow up appointment...

Sometimes a follow up appointment is required which we will arrange with you to ensure you feel supported and confident to use the equipment.

Not sure about your options?

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