Zippie Z500 M Mini

The Z500 M Mini combines our ultra compact wheelchair with highly adjustable and customisable seating. R-Net Multi Module Powerchair Control System. When a standard joystick is not the best option for your child, Specialty Input Devices help make independent mobility possible.

Quickie and specialty input device leaders Switch-It®, offer devices such as switch controls, head array/ chin controls that focus on the strengths and capabilities of each child to create a custom driving platform they can operate with ease.

Our reliable and high performance motor package features, 10kph motors that keep up with your child’s most playful and energetic days. The Z500M Mini’s long-lasting batteries provide the range needed to travel the distance on a single charge. 50° of power tilt allows you or your child to change their position and shift weight to reduce the risk of skin breakdown, power tilit will also help reduce development of postural deviations and increase your child’s comfort, allowing them to be more active.