Leckey Sleepform

Sleepform supports the individual in a symmetric posture while they are asleep and can be used reduce the build-up of pressure points, thus increasing comfort and the likelihood of an undisturbed night’s sleep for both them and their family. It can be easily transported so is ideal for use at home, holiday or respite facilities.

Our sleep system designs are based on extensive research into the needs of children during their sleep. Our research is based on over 20 case studies throughout the UK and Ireland, some lasting up to two years. It clearly demonstrated that the two main issues relating to the children using sleep systems, beyond health and safety, are Posture and Tolerance.

Our research also focused on the needs of the family and the children’s carers. So we set out to design systems which were comfortable, supportive, flexible, easy to use and could be easily transported. We all know sleep is important to our health and well being. As part of their 24hr postural care program we all want to ensure the children are getting the best chance every day.

The main contributing factors to asymmetry are abnormal tone and gravity. Sleep systems provide an ideal opportunity to harness the potentially positive effect of gravity by supporting the child in a symmetric posture when their tone reduces during sleep.